Email Marketing

How do you achieve those high open rates and high click rates? The answer is data. Data is your friend.

Open, click, buy.

We genuinely lose track of the number of emails we get a day. Even when we unsubscribe from one, another business just sends us double. We’re sure you feel the same sometimes. So ask yourself, how can your marketing emails stand out? How do you achieve those high open rates, high click rates and high conversion rates? The answer is data. Data is your friend. Before we start an email campaign for your business, we’ll analyze all your previous campaigns. We’ll look at what worked well, what didn’t and what your campaigns should look like going forward. We control every aspect of your email marketing campaigns. From the planning, to the design, to the content, to the sending, to the tracking, to the management and to the presentation of the results to you. We know how to get your customers opening and clicking so take advantage of our ability to run successful campaigns today.

We all have a love hate relationship with emails. As a business owner, email marketing can be incredibly successful. Your email campaigns need to be based on data, you need to focus on what works and forget about what doesn't.
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